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Weddings > October 17, 2009

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Hanging Lantern

All the planning in the world can mean little in the face of an uncooperative Mother Nature, as an unseasonably cold and rainy October threatens to ruin the evening.

All Events was asked to be the event rental source for an outdoor reception for 500, including tents, tables, chairs, lighting, and heating. The cold and rainy weather provided unique challenges, but we were equal to the task. After four days of setup, everything was exactly as planned. Everything but the weather.

While the tents and heaters kept everyone warm and dry, there was little to be done for the over-saturated ground; not that it could do much to dampen the party's spirits. By the time the night was over everyone was barefoot, the grass had been replaced with mud, and the bride's dress had turned from white to chocolate brown. She said it was the greatest night of her life.

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