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Fall, 2015

daisy sofa


sweetheart bench

Sweetheart Bench

rose sweetheart

Rose Sweetheart Chairs

white leather sweetheart

White Leather Sweetheart Chairs

don draper

Don Draper Sweetheart Chairs

princess sweetheart

Princess Sweetheart Chairs

Spring, 2015

gatsby china


party plate

Party Plate

gold fiori

Gold Fiori

crystal glassware

Crystal Glassware

awning stripe runner

Awning Stripe Runner

pintuck runners

Pintuck Runners

shalimar tablecloths

Shalimar Tablecloths

diamond flower brooch

Diamond Flower Brooch

vintage door frame hanger

Vintage Door Frame Hanger

-elio industrial barstool

Elio Industrial Barstool

lighted drape backdrop

Lighted Drape Backdrop

ivory ottoman

Ivory Ottoman

Winter, 2015

camelback settee

Camelback Settee

mason jar

Mason Jar

vintage pedestal

Vintage Pedestal

vintage wooden wedding double doors

Wedding Doors

washtub with tray

Washtub with Tray

whiskey barrel

Whiskey Barrel

wood slab

Wood Slabs

wood slab cake stand

Wood Slab Cake Stand

ball pit slide

Ball Pit Slide