Winter Hours - Appointments Preferred

The winter is cold and quiet here at All Events, so you'll usually find us out back at the linen press, which is hot and loud. We're still here Weekdays from 10am to 4pm, but if it's especially cold or snowy or quiet, we might just stay home. So walk-ins are welcome, but it's best to call ahead if you can so we can be sure to have someone ready to assist you. To schedule an appointment, please Call 330-345-2001, Text 330-621-6133, or E-mail

Serving Pieces | Dessert Service | Twig Cupcake Stand

Twig Cupcake Stand

Rental Price: $42.65


This 7-tier cupcake stand is 29" tall and can hold approximately 80 cupcakes; eight on each of the lower tiers, six on the top tier, and the remainder on the base (covered in moss in the photo). The decorative candle holders are not included.

twig cupcake stand