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Tables & Chairs | Tables | Fill-N-Chill Table

Fill-N-Chill Table

Rental Price: $30.00

⅓ Tabletop Kit

Rental Price: $5.00

This tabletop kit provides a worktable which uses ⅓ of the Fill-N-Chill's total capacity.

⅓ Extender Kit

Rental Price: $5.00

This Plexiglas extender kit increases the height of ⅓ of the Fill-N-Chill. Two extender kits plus the tabletop kit are shown in the picture.

½ Extender Kit

Rental Price: $10.00

This Plexiglas kit raises the height of half of the Fill-N-Chill

Full Extender Kit

Rental Price: $15.00

This Plexiglas extender kit raises the height of the entire table.


The Fill-N-Chill is a hollow, insulated 6' table with a 2-stage drain in the bottom which provides enough space for up to 100 pounds of ice. It is ideal for serving drinks or a cold buffet, or (with the ⅓ Tabletop kit) can be part of a bar. Includes one 17' black skirt.

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